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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply to JETS?

Application forms are available from the Admissions Office or by email request at admissions@jets.edu.  Applicants for the preparatory or basic level programs need to have passed Tawjihi or equivalent (see the Accreditation section for academic clarifications of degree programs).  To enroll in any of our advanced level programs applicants require a minimum B.Th. or B.A. degree from a recognized college or university.  Any exceptions need the approval of the Academic Committee.

To enroll in the D. Min program applicants require an M. Div or Th. M degree from a recognized seminary,  that meets certain biblical language and English language requirements.


When can I apply?

Applications for the fall semester must be received by the second week of July, while applications for the spring semester must be received by the second week of December.  Applications for the summer semester must be received by the second week of April.  All required reference forms must also be sent in by the same deadlines.  Application information or references received after the above mentioned dates may delay acceptance by up to one year. Please note that students accepted off-season at the advanced level will find adjusting to courses difficult, but possible. They will be expected to work hard to maintain a satisfactory GPA.

Please also note that all M. Div and Th.M. applicants are required to have adequately met TOEFL exam requirements in order to qualify for entry into the program.


Are scholarship funds available?

There are several different types of financial aid available for qualifying students.  JETS works hard to keep costs as low as possible for the students by soliciting donor gifts as subsidies. Applications for financial aid must be received by the same deadlines as the student applications.  Forms can be obtained from the Admissions Office by email request at admissions@jets.edu


All students receiving scholarship funds (either tuition or living) are required to complete reports for the Development Department when requested.  Our Development Department works hard to make sure students pay only a fraction of the actual cost of their education.


Is housing available?

At present all students are responsible for finding their own accommodation.  The Office of Student and Alumni Affairs can give listings of some available housing in various areas of Amman.  Notices are regularly posted on campus bulletin boards by students looking for roommates or by those seeking to rent to JETS students.


Is there job placement assistance after graduation?

JETS cannot guarantee any student employment after graduation.  However, the Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs works hard to inform churches and Christian organizations within the Arab World of gifted and trained graduates who are looking for a place of service.  Our students and graduates serve in several church and para church organizations throughout the Middle East.  

Graduates who have developed ministry skills by applying what they learned during their program of study are often sought after by churches and Christian organizations in the region.